Rose - Florida (2021)

I adopted a Shiba puppy from MyShiba in November. The employees were extremely helpful answering any questions I had prior to and after adopting the puppy. I felt I was given every possible tool to take care of my puppy including but not limited to a list of her current schedule and enough dog food to transition to her new food. This made taking care of my new puppy a lot easier.

From day one, she has been an absolute joy. Our puppy is now 18 weeks old and is a very healthy and ...

Lulu - California (2021)

Shiba Inu puppies are in high demand here in Northern California. We were put on a waiting list of 1 year to 1 1/2years. The application process here in obtaining a Shiba Inu puppy is so complicated and stressful. We waited 2/1/2 years with another breeder and wasted our time on their waiting list that never materialized.

The process, I went through in obtaining Lulu with this breeder was simple and stress free. We made a mistake of only looking for Shiba Inu puppy only with ...

Bucky - Utah (2021)

Hi there,
Here is a testimonial for our puppy Bucky (Taz) that we adopted at the beginning of October:
We have loved having Bucky with us as our new fuzzy fur baby. Jessica facetimed us to show us Bucky and answer our questions when we were considering adopting him. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. The process to get Bucky was smooth, even with having to send him on a plane to get to us. Danielle and Jessica were very professional and kind.

Bucky has been a ...

Toby - Guatamala (2020/2021)

A year ago today we picked up Toby and just wanted to send you some pics of him to thank you and let you know he's doing ok.

We were living in Maryland but ultimately moved to Guatemala for work back in June. So Toby is quite the international traveler and is making friends and fans on daily walks wherever we go.

This is my first dog owner experience and it has been a beautiful, low key one (to the extent that pet caring can be) thanks to you. Toby is well socialized, ...

Marlow - Virginia (2021)

Our shiba inu, Benji, passed away in November 2020, leaving us only having our other shiba, Mika. We weren't sure how she would do with a friend (she's a diva) or if we were ever going to be ready. 9 months later we decided to reconsider getting a new addition. We looked at several places, but when we saw Elvis, now Marlow, we fell in love and knew he is what we needed.

The customer service that was provided was exceptional ! We received a timely response through text, as well as ...

Kimba - Texas (2021)

Good evening,

We just wanted to write about how much we appreciate your professionalism and for our baby Kimba ("Josie")! We had never purchased a puppy out of state before, and we were worried about the process of getting our baby here safely. Luckily, Shibapup (and the nanny service they used) was so helpful with absolutely stellar quality! Punctual and constantly giving us updates, and answering all of our questions and concerns.

Our little Kimba is SO smart and ...

Marco -Arizona (2021)

Hi there!

We bought Marco (formally Nick) last fall right after Thanksgiving. We had been talking about getting a dog for a while and came across the Shiba Inu breed. We live in Arizona and Shiba Pup arranged for a nanny to fly with him in cabin to drop him off. It was so exciting (and nerve wrecking) picking him up from the airport as this was our first time raising a puppy.

We are so happy that we took the leap and got Marco! He is now 8 months and he has been such a ...

Kobe- Virginia (2021)

I was on vacation in Denver when I decided to get another Shiba Inu. I went on the Myshiba website and saw that there were puppies available. I immediately saw Kobe and knew he was the one for me.

He is the best puppy I've ever had. Kobe is so chill and smart as can be, it is a true joy to

Biscuit- Virginia (2021)

Getting Biscuit last week was a game-changer for us. It's been nearly 30 years since I had a pup, and Tammy has never been a dog owner. To say Biscuit is a joy is an understatement. She's a wonderful, smart and gentle 12 week old puppy (already knows how to shake and sit!). So quiet except a couple whines when lost sight of mommy ---- and one tremendous Shiba Scream when she didn't like being left in her playpen. :O

We can't wait for her to be fully vaccinated, but in the meantime ...

Sophia - North Carolina (2021)

We were hesitant to get a new puppy because we have an older cat who is perfectly content being the queen of the house. We decided to give it a try after meeting a Shiba Inu and learning they get along with cats, don't bark much, like to hike, among others.

We instantly fell in love when first meeting her and she has quickly become another member of the family. Btw, she and the cat are working on things

Maizy - South Carolina (2021)

From the passing of Mitzy my Medical service dog last Summer, I was searching for just the right puppy to become my soon-to-be service dog. I drove 2.5 hours to meet the female Shiba pups in person, which took longer from a multi -car accident on the way. The Shiba Pup.com family was happy to meet me late at night as a result. The first pup was a bit too timid and shy. Then I met Macy, who was perfect and gave the best hug. I changed her name to Maizy Renee.

Maizy's training and ...

Whiskey - Nevada (2021)

Hello, now that we have had Whiskey (formally known as Milo) for a little over a month now and everything has checked out at the vet figured I would send in my testimonial! If you're reading this online on the testimonial page you are probably like me wondering if this is a legit website selling healthy Shiba inu puppies! I was a bit hesitant but after reading literally every review I decided to contact them. They were very responsive and answered all my questions. I could tell they really ...

Parker - Las Vegas (2020)

I researched for a puppy for four months on the internet & found that I fell in love with a Shiba Inu Breed. We searched and asked a lot of questions, watched ton of videos on Shiba Inu’s Dogs. My Husband want to give my Son a gift for his Birthday & for graduation. So We went 5 hours away to Las Vegas to shop for the right Dog. Could not get the right Dog for us. Finally after 4 months we decided on a Shiba Inu in North Carolina. The lady who breeds Shiba Inu’s was the right choice. ...

Ghost - Virginia (2020)

Hello! I purchased a shiba back in April & have enjoyed every moment thus far! Communication was great and very responsive. If I needed anything they were just a call, text or email away.
Ghost has definitely been keeping be busy especially during the pandemic I am so happy I got him. He is very smart and quick learner & loves his toys. So happy I was able to add him in my

Ginger - North Carolina (2020)

On Friday November my husband and I drove 10 hours from Lakeland FL to Salisbury NC to meet and adapt our little Foxy whom was worn on September 15th 2020.
We purchased her from Shiba Pup an AKC breeder. Her parents are champions and absolutely beautiful. I have been wanting a Shiba Inu and we are thrilled to have our beautiful little girl. The breeder was really great to deal with; she was very knowledgeable and helpful; she has also been there for me to answer questions along the ...

Testimonial - Charlotte (2020)

We have taken a lot of pictures! That's my dad with her and he is not an animal person at all. They are watching our daughter today and the first thing he asked me this morning when I dropped her off was "where is the dog?"
The vet said everything looked fine! She is doing great!
That's her last weekend after her first big adventure. We took her downtown Richmond for a walk by the river. She was pooped after. We also ran into another Shiba which is the first time I have come ...

Testimonial - Kaiba (2019)

Hi there!
My family and I purchased a Shiba pup back in August. We call him Kaiba (formerly Gatsby)!
Our experience was amazing! Communication was great, and all questions and concerns were answered with great detail!
Kaiba has been an amazing addition so far. He's a great pup and smart as a whip! Most of the things we taught him, he picked up in one day.
Like how to ring a bell when we wants to go outside :) He only just turned 5 months!
I also take him to my ...

Testimonial - Cody (2019)

Hi Danielle,
We purchased a *mini* shiba inu from you February 2017.
We could not ask for a better addition to our family! He is simply amazing.
Incredibly smart! It took us less than a week to get him ring a bell to go outside. We absolutely adore him.
He's only about 10lbs. The cat is currently his BFF LOL I think he thinks that he is a cat

Testimonial - Duke (2019)

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce Duke, He is a Shiba Inu 9 weeks.

Before this adorable addition to the family, it had been 15 years since I had a dog.

My last dog Matai, was 16 year old Chow that I had to put to bed. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

But now I have Duke!!! He plays all day and sleeps all night! So much fun watching him grow up. He is learning quite a bit already.

Duke, I am finding out is very agile and ...

Testimonial - Simba (2019)

We decided to name him simba !

He's such a playful and handsome little guy! So adorable and we're so happy to have him as a part of our family .

Buddy tried to catch his own tail and almost

Testimonial - Sunny (2019)

Sunny aka Max great Shiba from shibapup com. They really care about the shibas. The whole process was easy and professional.

He is doing well, getting used to our home and the other dogs.

He had an accident this morning, after he went out he did his business, he came in and ate I should have taken him out right after, so he pooped on the rug.

But he is adapting well and he is very

Ariel - Alaska (2019)

Sorry! I wrote it up yesterday but didn't want to send anything too late. Here it is. :)

4.5 years ago, I adopted a one year old female Shiba. I had never even heard of the breed, but she was cute, so I thought what could go wrong? Well it was a rude awakening when I realized that her personality was anything but the personality of the Labradors I had always grown up around. It took a lot of patience and dedication, but she turned into one of the best dogs I could ask for. So ...

Testimonial - Lexi (2019)

Hey Danielle,
I can't believe I didn't get my testimonial up... Serendipity (formerly, "Lexi"), just turned one in March and she's my best friend in the whole world...

we go everywhere together She's so big and so strong now!
I have thousands of pictures, but here are some more of my

Testimonial - Titan (2019)

He is doing amazing. He was nervous at the airport but we took him to PetCo and that woke him up.
We played with him and now it's time for a nap! He's so mellow and well-trained

Sadie - North Carolina (2018)

Dear Danielle and Kevin,

Our story of (now named) Sadie all started when our family watch a movie called, "Hatchi". We never heard of a Shiba Inu before and instantly become very curious about it. After some investigation on the history and overall temperament, etc.
We believed this was the right family companion for us! Finding your website was effortless. The problem after this was which pup to choose from as they all were super cute. After deciding the sex and color, we put ...

Tatsuya - Florida (2018)

On my way down from New Hampshire, I stopped by ShibaPup.com to meet potential Shiba Puppies! The puppy that I ended up choosing was, Tatsuya, he was the one that approached me and I instantly knew that he was the Shiba for me. I was looking forward to starting a new life with him. When I first brought him home, he was so shy! As soon as he adjusted into life here, he was running around all over the place. He's such a playful puppy that loves to play with everyone! Everyone that met him ...

Maya - Idaho (2018)

My name is Zach Speck and my wife and I recently purchased a puppy named Ember from ShibaPup.com.

Danielle and her father (whose name I unfortunately forgot) are very professional and to the point. At times I felt like I was irritating them with my phone calls, I just wanted to make sure everything worked out well. It was somewhat difficult to keep in contact with them, but everything seemed to go well enough in the end.

When we first received Ember we renamed her Maya. ...

Milo - Texas (2017)

Hi Danielle,

We just wanted to let you know what a joy our little Milo has been. He has been with us for almost a year and a half now and we can't imagine life without him! He's so happy, well adjusted, healthy, and well behaved!!! From the day he arrived he was practically potty trained and took to our family, other pets, and routine almost immediately. If we ever decide to get him a brother or sister we will not even consider another breeder. Thank you for doing such a fabulous ...

Jesse - South Carolina (2018)

Jesse is the second dog we have gotten from Danielle. Our first shiba, CJ, is two years old, and our new one, Jesse, is only 12 weeks. In the short time we have had him we have already fallen completely in love and so has CJ! They play so well together and Jesse is so sweet. They’re the best of friends. We are so glad that both of our shibas are so friendly with such a great temperament. We are so happy with our little shiba family!

Miyoko - Alabama (2016)

Hello Danielle!

So I was going to send you just a couple pictures of our little Miyoko to show you how happy she is and how she has grown, and couldn't pick just one, so here's a whole slew of pictures!! Haha We absolutely adore her and she is the very best dog we could ever dream of. She is so sweet and smart and fun and she snuggles between us every night! We are very active with her and take her for walks every day and she has been on several trips to different states and ...

Piper - North Carolina (2017)

Hi there!

Well - we LOVE our new little girl, Piper.

We adopted Piper not knowing what to expect but knowing this was the type of dog we wanted. We brought her home and instantly fell in love. She is a very independent yet loving little girl. She is full of energy one minute and sleeping the next! She is has a very stubborn personality but is slowly coming around...realizing that we are now her parents and it's okay to give in! She is potty trained, sleeps in the crate at ...

Colby - New Jersey (2017)

Colby (AKA Joey) recently joined my family as our second fur baby adopted from Danielle and Kevin at My Shiba, and we could not be happier with him! Although I was already familiar with the basics of the process from when my first Shiba, Kodie, came home a few years ago, I required more attention and assistance this time since Colby was flying home to us instead of taking the drive. Danielle helped with all my questions and all of the explanations I needed to make sure he got here safe, in ...

Testimonial - Tiger (2017)

We lost our beloved dog last year and felt the loss of such an important member of the family. A friend of ours told us about a woman who rescues dogs and also breeds Shiba Inus. That is how we came to know the people behind MyShiba.com. The rest is a happily ever ending that continues to bring us joy with each passing day.

Danielle and Kevin walked us thru the process, answered each and every question about this zany breed and hand picked Tiger (formerly known as Toby) to suit our ...

Ellie - Nevada (2016)

Dear Danielle -

I want to send a note of THANK YOU for enriching our lives with this beautiful Shiba Inu. We named her Ellie. She is an absolute gem. Our family fell in love with her instantly, the moment we laid eyes on her. This was the day we were emailed a 6 week picture of her from you, Danielle. I couldn't get enough views of the picture. I screamed and cried when I first saw it and being a teacher, I kept showing my students this picture on my projector and got them just as ...

CJ - South Carolina (2016)

CJ helped me with proposing to my fiance the day I brought her home, and we are so happy to have her at the start of our little family. She is a very intelligent pup, such as she will point to her leash when she needs to go out. She absolutely loves being around everyone and meeting new people as well as other dogs. She is such a joy to have around and always brightens everyone's day, we look forward to seeing her already unique personality grow! Thank you Kevin and Danielle .

Cody - North Carolina (2016)

Before Cody came into our lives we were anxious at getting the right puppy. After much thought and consideration we decided that we should get a shiba inu. Their cute foxlike faces, curly tail, and medium build were definitely factors that led us to make this decision.
The ShibaPup.com was a very helpful website. It was very easy to coordinate meeting the shiba inu puppies that were available. After driving a few hours to the location, it was nice to see the wide area where the shiba ...

Kobie - Michigan (2014)

We picked up our new puppy, Kobie (previously named Emily), from the airport on Tuesday, July 1, 2014. Even though her flight was delayed three hours and we have to drive two hours to and from the airport I wouldn't change it for the world. She is the sweetest little thing and already has a special place in our hearts. Everywhere we go people stop and adore her.

When we decided we wanted to get a puppy we were unsure at what breed to go with at first, but after some research we ...

Mily - North Carolina (2013)

Thank you for keeping in contact with us. Mily (originally Emily) is doing well. She's a healthy pup!

We've had Mily for more than one year and are completely happy with our decision. Mily has brought so much joy into our lives! She is truly a member of the family. She was even the star in our engagement photos!

When my fiance and I knew we wanted a Shiba Inu as our first dog together, we knew we had to find a breeder who took good care of their dogs. When I stumbled upon ...

Testimonial - Simba (2017)

Simba (AKA TANK) is doing AMAZING! My boyfriend and I were of course skeptically about adopting a dog 12 hours away, but it was so worth it!
Simba was worth every mile and every minute. He has become such a large part of our family. He definitely loves jumping around and running into things (he is a bit of a klutz ha). Thank you so much to Danielle and everyone else!

Lucy - Virginia (2016)

Hello, Danielle and Kevin. Just wanted to send you a couple pictures and an update on Lucy. It took us a week to decide what we wanted to name her. We would have left it Lucy, but I have an Aunt Lucy. Every name we considered, just didn't fit her personality. Finally we decided on Ginger - it fit perfectly. On our 5 hour trip home, she laid in my lap the whole time. We stopped once for a potty & water break - she just sat down and did nothing - the harness and leash scared her I think. ...

Mandoo - Delaware (2016)

Welcome our new family member: Princess Mandoo!!! Her name means dumpling cus she looks like one~ She came from ShibaPup.com breeder in North Carolina, and was born 8 weeks ago! I had to pick her up at the airport in Philadelphia. She was very tired last night after few hours flight, but she s doing a very good job so far! And we LOVE

Panda - Virginia (2017)

We picked up Panda (formerly Lulu) about 1 and a half weeks ago. She has done great adjusting to our home. Our cats have gotten used to her. Our dog is still working on that part, but she is so friendly and LOVES people. My brother and sister in law and their 8 (yes, 8) kids had to evacuate from SC this week due to Hurricane Matthew and Panda was loving all the extra attention. Danielle was very helpful in giving me extra information while Panda was getting adjusted. She is eating well and has ...

Coda - Arizona (2016)

Hi Danielle,

We have been meaning to email you to tell you how happy we have been with our Shiba. We adopted a little girl from Kimmy's January litter. Our little Coda is the light of our lives.

We were a little nervous about adopting a puppy online without seeing her in real life. This was not something we'd ever done before and you hear a lot of stories from other people's experiences (both good and bad). But we just put our faith in you and kept a positive attitude ...

Susie - North Carolina (2014)

My kids and I have had our little puppy for nearly a month now and every day is a new day with her. Susie was housebroken very fast and she is very smart. I have never let a dog sleep with me in bed before but this one sure does and she loves it. When she has to go out she jumps up on me and starts licking my face. I take her to my friend's house to play with her 2 schnauzers and she gives them a run for their money.

I'm very glad I stumbled across the website and met Danielle and ...

Cody - Virginia (2015)

My son spent weeks convincing us to rescue a Shiba Inu in need of a home, playmate & companion. We decided the responsibility of a puppy ownership & training, may be just what my son needed in his life. What a wonderful experience talking with Danielle & Kevin in selecting the right fit for our family. we were thrilled to schedule our first meet with them and Cody. I appreciated them accommodating a last minute visit. My son couldn't contain his excitement. I haven't seen him that happy in a ...

Kiku - Washington (2015)


She is such a precious pup! She fits in well with the pack and she has such a unique personality. We really love her and are so happy that we got her! She makes this really cute sound like sort of cooing and she puts her ears down and closes her eyes. She does this when she is excited or when we come home and she is happy to see us. I have been trying to catch a video of this so if we do we'll send you a copy. Do you have others that do this kind of ...

Asia - Arizona (2014)

Before I got Asia I didn't even know what owning a dog was like. I never had a dog to call my own before. I wasn't even a dog person- until I met a Shiba Inu... and then I fell in love! From that moment on I knew I needed to own one, one day! Then in December of 2012, Asia came into my life, and it has been a rewarding and wonderful experience. She is such an intelligent, well behaved puppy who is always happy and loves all people and all animals. She brings joy to everyone's lives that she ...

Yoshi - Georgia (2012)

Last year I saw a Shiba Inu for the first time. I did some research and earlier this year I discovered your website. After visiting it numerous times I saw where "Rocky" was available in April 2016. I called and spoke with you and decided to proceed with the adoption. On June 18 I made the 13 hour round trip to pick up "Rocky" now Yoshi. It was such a informative and pleasant experience. You addressed all my concerns and answered all my questions. I have never loved a pet as much as do Yoshi. ...

Kiki - Virginia (2017)

I wanted to write and tell you how much we love our new puppy. Kiki is the most amazing little girl and the perfect addition to our family. She is such a smart, loving and affectionate dog. We are so pleased with her and she gets so much attention every where we go. We had such a wonderful experience dealing with you and would recommend your dogs to anyone who is looking to adopt a beautiful & healthy Shiba pup of the highest quality in the US. After visiting your breeding facility, I can ...

Natsumi - Florida (2017)

Hi my name is Sharlene Velazquez and I would like to tell you my testimony about my new best friend. My husband and I spent 4 months looking for a baby Shiba and we could not find the perfect one until yesterday. My husband was searching on the Internet and was surprised to find out about Shiba pup and it''s history. It was regarded as one of the best and biggest Shiba breeders in the US, and with good reason. We decided to do the 8 hour trip from Florida de North Carolina and we werent ...

Roshi - Virginia (2019)

Our puppy Roshi (formerly Luke) has been a blessing. At first, my husband and I were unsure about making the deposit online. We'd never met the breeder and had no idea what might happen, but we took the leap of faith, and absolutely everything was wonderful.
We put down our deposit when the puppy was only 2 weeks old, and I was particularly excited. I asked on several occasions for pictures, and I always received them very quickly. Any questions I had were always answered quickly and ...

Zuko - Tennessee (2014)

I wanted to write and give you an update on Zuko (formerly Pierre). Paris was his mother and Rambo his father. Since the initial decision to get a puppy up until driving out to pick him up, the experience was very pleasant. I could not be happier with Zuko. Research on Shibas show a stubborn, manipulative tendency making them harder to train, but that is completely not the case with Zuko. He has learned very quickly, and rarely does anything he knows to be wrong more than once. He is smart, ...

Valy- New York (2014)

When I decided I was ready to dedicate the time and effort into raising a dog I sought out to find the best, most qualified breeder of my favorite dog, the Shiba Inu. After hearing such terrible stories of puppy mills and the inhumane way some of these puppies are being raised I knew I had to find myself a credible breeder. Danielle at myshiba was nothing but helpful and highly informative on the breed. The facilities were amazing and that's why my Shiba Inu is a healthy happy dog today. I live ...

Maggie May - North Carolina (2014)

Our experience with Danielle at MYSHIBA.COM has been wonderful. When we found the website, we added it to our list of Shiba Inu breeders in order to perform a thorough due diligence, prior to making a commitment to purchase a puppy. Having previously owned a male Shiba Inu for 15 years, we knew the importance of early socialization and happy, healthy parents. We quickly narrowed our list down and selected MYSHIBA.COM and Danielle as our breeder of choice. Danielle was quick to respond to ...

Alex - New York (2013)

Hello again,
I promised that I would let you know how we are all doing. Alex and I are sharing our Birthday ....Alex is the best..our little boy! He is a very healthy & happy dog..can't say puppy because he just turned one!! Daryl & I enjoy him so much..he's so comical and smart. I promise to send more pictures but it's so hard because he's always on the move. Thank you for bringing us a beautiful puppy last

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